Harry Walkerdine 1st Place. Kaden Pellowe 2nd Place. Maxwell White 3rd Place

Prep Sports Day

Posted 30 June 2020

It was a somewhat shorter event than usual with each bubble running a single boys 100m and a girls 100m race. Social distancing was maintained as the runners spread out over the track, or in the Lower Prep case, the playground.

Upper Prep Results

Race 1

Gabriella Nangle 1st Place

Mariam Mahmood 2nd Place

Maha Afzal 3rd Place

Race 2

Aston Wild 1st Place

Eesa Tahir 2nd Place

Kian Dempsey 3rd Place

Race 3

Arabella Hey 1st Place

Luchia Wild 2nd Place

Fatima Afzal 3rd Place

Race 4

Anas Farid 1st Place

Samih Anwar 2nd Place

Ayaan Khan 3rd Place

Race 5

Camilla Zebedee-Howard 1st Place

Imaan Afzal 2nd Place

Harriet Whitbread 3rd Place

Race 6

Harry Walkerdine 1st Place

Kaden Pellowe 2nd Place

Maxwell White 3rd Place

Lower Prep Results

Race 1

Alisha Usman 1st Place

Eleanor Ndlovu 2nd Place

Haniah Bhutta 3rd Place

Race 2

Aleem Khan 1st Place

Hassan Farooq 2nd Place

Eesa Khan 3rd Place

Race 3

Haania Anwar 1st Place

Jason Gallagher 2nd Place

Haris Mahmood 3rd Place

Race 4

Adam Khan 1st Place

Umaiza Rana 2nd Place

Jackson-Ray Fernandez 3rd Place


Mrs Curran 1st Place

Miss Dwyer 2nd Place

Miss Connolly 3rd Place


1st Neptune – 27

2nd Jupiter – 12

3rd Saturn – 11

4th Mercury - 9