Aims & Objectives

The aim of the school is to blend the best of traditional education with the skills and resources of the modern system to ensure that pupils’ talents are exercised to the full. To this end, class sizes are kept small, with 20 or fewer pupils per form at preparatory level and 16 or fewer in each secondary class.

1a. We aim to provide our pupils with a challenging, yet supportive environment to stimulate, maintain and develop a lively enquiring mind.

1b. We aim to encourage all pupils to reach their true potential so that they become independent learners who value learning with and from others. We want to encourage them to have a positive attitude to life-long learning.

2. We aim to value application, perseverance, initiative, independent thought and action, as well as co-operative endeavours.

3a. We aim to develop in pupils a sense of moral values which can form a framework for a sense of self worth and meaningful relationships with others so that they may in time become responsible members of society.

3b. We aim to develop in our pupils a positive attitude towards themselves and others with a strong sense of self respect, together with a respect for other people’s property, ideas and beliefs, irrespective of gender, disability or academic or other achievements.

4. We aim to encourage our pupils to appreciate human achievements, failures and aspirations.

5. We aim to develop positive attitudes towards concerns for the environment.

6. We aim to offer a curriculum to facilitate the requisition of knowledge, promote enjoyment in learning, and provide knowledge and skills to equip our pupils for work and leisure as potentially active, confident and responsible members of a rapidly developing and changing society.

7. We aim to develop a school family which affords equal value to all its members and is seen to be fair, encouraging mutual respect, concern for others and truthfulness.

8. We aim to foster relationships between the school, the pupils’ homes, the local community and the wider world.

The school achieves considerable success at all levels and in particular G.C.S.E. and AS level examinations. Strong links exist with the Sixth Form divisions of most schools in the areas including the local Further Education colleges. The school also enjoys excellent relations with local employers and training establishments.

The Lower Preparatory Department is an integral part of the main school but is housed in its own self-contained unit at Broadfield Style.

Pupils are admitted to the Nursery from their second birthday. It is usual then for natural progression to take place through the rest of the school in line with age and ability.

As places throughout the school are limited, parents should be willing to commit themselves to at least the entirety of the Preparatory Department before accepting the offer of a place.